don’t fight. don’t argue. clip your tongue and listen to the rain as it breaks through the glass ceiling. you won’t learn and age without disappointment and punishment, so, let life be your guidance. the parent that lifts the heavy hand and thrushes it to discipline.

don’t judge. don’t whisper the childish and foolish one-liners. you are not wise and prestigious with such buffoonery. universe will only thread you the life you are willing to purchase, and the purchase at times is at a high cost. be reasonable in financing your choices.

don’t be unkind. don’t be pushy, because others will feed the trash you dispose. be generous and patient with your words to your friends and your foes. they are the same and equal, all imperfect and beautiful creatures, longing to be cherished and understood. you might be their only hero.

jacob.greb .19.0620.0301

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