the night has come

the night has come and beckoned all the nocturnal critters
they crawl through the window cracks, up the wall to the ceiling
as they hanged above my head begging to enter

‘welcome, my friends,’ I utter, ‘there’s not a night without you’
and with revelry they wipe their boots at the doorstep
all the joyous and festivity, my mind is their home to keep

and as my knuckles knock at my temple to receive but one an answer
of dispute and upheaval, the noise of uniformity and persistence
no stars for me to seek, no moon for me to gaze upon

and all the dreams of cotton candy has turn to shadows and gates ajar
now the night has become the pitch of horror and trepidation
no more friends, the critters have taken upon me hostage
have taken upon my life

© jacob greb 19.0726.1956

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