swallow your rotting pain
dust yourself off
raise your bleeding hands up up high
the status quo of your heart πŸ’“
jubilee of consequences flicker like the stars 🌟
‘all is well,’ you say
the good of your soul remains
the positive chants like charities of life
hope and peace they cultivate
you are a man of answers and resolutions
rebuilt your broken way and permanently strive
a rank to be a part
β€” of normal and the right
don’t speak unless you speak of your feast and your victories
advise the world of your conquests and wisdom
otherwise, an echo of your rubbish
β€”Β falls short and boring
all of the affliction has already been shared
move forward, go on, we live in love and beauty
β€” not in bruises and aches
tell another story
the one that says less of the canvass torn inside
that doesn’t preach tears and caves in your heart
don’t tell the truth
but paint the world with desires and gold
spread the hope and joy
the fantasy will cast the lies
but what is there for you to say
the hush, your rotting pain will hang to remain

Β© simon whittle 19.0714

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