the count

I have ten fingers and two thumbs
one mouth and one heart that beats for you
seven followers to brighten my day
two true and loyal friends that fight for me when I can’t
three fish and a cat
one musketeer to hold my trembling hands
five co-workers who think I’m funny
and six who think I’m oddly weird and weirdly odd

I have ten toes and two heels
one bruised knuckle that hit a wall a moment ago
eight strikes and bad reviews
nine white chairs and one red cradling my weight
one open eye, the other closed tight
seven pairs of unmatched socks
four whispers telling me that it will be alright
and one distressing muting all sound

I have
you and I
I have
a mother and a brother
I have

I have

one me to keep moving forward
reimburse the past
forgive my follies
and keepsake a strand of hope and faith

jacob.greb .19.0617.0205

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