without a plan

rip the to-do list in half and forget the plan. let’s see where the fate will lead me as I proclaim to live on a whim. I am but a humble servant resting my chin on my arms. a pensive look with despair and here I attract. the doused head below the surface of water all so bleak and watch the air escape me to surface once again. below the tree trunks, the soil soft and wet. the rain washed my spirit, so I stood reborn and chanting. the stars align to the blue moon. the sun rests her days. two thousand seconds pass before I blink to speak. take hold of my lover’s arm and pull her close and tight. she whispers sweet and sugar as I dance in her eyes. the moment all but passing, carefree and unadvised. no matter, let go and relax. as days will always be filled with burden, all it takes to recode your mind.


if I’m a simulation, then here’s my upgrade: a recoded mind