i leave a note for you to read
it has no meaning to you, but you’ll see
in ten years, you’ll read it again
and you’ll understand what i had meant

we move on like the broken glass swept away
but i have remained in your memory
and you call me to find out ‘how is my life’
i’m doing well, better than you would have thought
you have broken my heart, but not my mind

i say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in one breath
for i have not much to say to you
but you continue to ask around
to see if i could be your friend
i have gained and tossed friends throughout the years
and you are one friend i tossed to never see;
to never meet again

you have lied; you have cheated; you have deceived
and from what i hear
you’re still the same boy as you used to be
insecure, intolerable, and insincere

© simon whittle — 06.0422

unsent closure letter to someone who has broken me but I strive and fight. ‘you have broken my heart but not my mind.’