unfriend you

my escape from your arms because you tore through my mind. the logic all bound to blame me for your action. the harm of your words as you argue that it was my intent to drive you to the maddening point. that I am at fault.

my escape from your grasp because you left bruises around my wrists. holding on so tight. keeping me in the cage, prohibiting me to sing, to spread my wings, to be me. all the permissions set prior when allowed to for a moment be free, to smile, to speak.

my escape from you because I couldn’t find my reflection. my tears have all fallen in vain because you weren’t listening and my voice shrunk as I shrunk. not even a glimmer of light. a speck lost in space, irrelevant, forgotten.

my escape for me because I am strong and brittle. I got stuck in sand as the waves washed ashore and pulled me away from who I should have been and took me to the sea of you. the possession that I became not a self uninhibited and limitless.

one checkmark to tick off. so easy to withdraw and walk away but what a battle it became to unfriend you and escape the captivity.

© simon whittle — 19.0221