.abandoned alien

.left alone in one cold world
.between the war, against its wish
.beyond its fear
.struggles to face the fate
.climbs the wall of shattered heart
.with tears of love it cries to hear
.the voices of its anguish come near

.with tenderness, with confusion
.it was abandoned from its thought
.of the twist of banned seduction
.stranded like a shiny armour
.it strives a brisk risk

.seeing marked, masked faces
.it doesn’t recognize a friend
.who’s a stranger from afar
.near appear his pale, textured lines

.swiftly, softly he whispers its name
.smiles holding its tears in
.can’t hold on
.yells, greeting him in

.be yourself and flitter away,
.he’s a double-crosser, sneak,
.a traitor, a cheat
.just run away, it thinks
.it does not believe the word it hears,
.just screams

.jacob g
.95 .entry 0701