.imperfectly perfect

.your eyes so blue
.your mouth so pouty
.the scratch under your chin
.the blemish near your ear
.the fantasy in your mind
.the reality of chaos outside
.but you are mine
.you are beautiful
.and you are kind

.your cloths baggy to hideaway
.your nails half bitten because you got tired
.your jeans ripped because that’s the trend
.your shoes old but experienced
.the bag filled with napkins
.the letters unfinished and kept in secret
.but you whisper
.all the dearest to me
.all the wounded and destroyed

.your hair shaggy, un-kept
.black like coal and silver like the moon
.you touched my shoulder and quiver
.afraid of how imperfect you might be
.how others will treat you, what others will say
.what they would think and what they would spit
.but i am here
.and you are perfect
.as imperfect you might think you to be

.jacob g
.19 .entry 0110
.from ‘Letters to Kaya’