not enough

i could never compare to what you want me to be.
i am not even close to the perfection of your dreams.
i feel guilty to disturb you, but aren’t you happy to see me smile?
is it too much for me to ask, ‘let’s go out tonight?’
i know some days it may feel
i’m a bother and intrude in your life.
i’m a selfish fool in love with you.
i’m happy to be with you and hate when we’re apart.

do you feel the same or do i occupy too much of your time?
is it possible to never doubt?
there are no words but the simplest way is to say, if all is true,
don’t go because you love me, too!

no, no, no!

it’s not the end but it’s enough.
so stop right there.
look at me and kiss me you fool
because i’m enough to you.

© simon whittle — 99.0817

never meet someone’s expectations. doubt your worth, yourself. all for loss and chaos. never know where you stand. never know how you’re supposed to feel. never know. because someone accuses you of… because someone tells you… because someone plants that seed…