.in your winter i danced
.you were that bliss of falling flakes
.shimmering and translucent in light
.unique, the one of a kind
.i loved your beauty and eskimo kisses
.consumed me with your angelic wings
.wide and majestic
.a plush of comfort
.we laid, watching the sky of wonderland

.but winters can be harsh
.frost bitten and cold
.a tone of sub-zero
.a state of void and perpetual darkness
.and you were the same
.distant and untamed
.shriveling the beauty, the love
.once given, now taken and annihilated
.like the leaves under your boots
.all muddy and dead

.your bitterness tore us apart

.jacob g
.19 entry 0128

.bitterness and misery .how fragile your senses were .and no love in the world could have conquered your unhappiness because that is all you’ve ever known .i absorbed as much as i could of the aftershock .the ripples of your hate .but hate hurts and tears .i’m sorry i gave up

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  1. takti says:

    At times there is only so much we can do. Self care and preservation. Happiness must come from within. It’s hard to make someone be filled with love when they are filled with hate.

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