.un-caged mice chase in the attic
.madness is the same
.boxed inside the darkness
.unguided you feed yourself to
.its dominant influence

.streak of unsought insight
.mortifies you
.to question your own judgment
.defenseless you submit to
.its purposely-foolish script

.act out his impaired character
.tormented and frightened
.you refuse the rescue
.of practical gestures to
.quiet the day

.assemblage of image scraps
.little spiders lug to you
.on the ridges put aback
.seam unveiled such in trace to
.never be, as madness will

.remain in this gust
.buzzing fog of mouths aloud
.painless to the refuge and the eye
.stolen from my hand to
.undo the bind of demise

.jacob g
.from “fortune teller” collection

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